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Althing is created as a social manipulation game played through the Facebook messenger. A bot connects the players and manages the game state, asks for votes and doles out relevant information to the people that should see that information.


DON'T TRY IT YET!!!!! It's not ready.


You are all Chiefs in Icelandic parliament of old. Each of you controls one county.

In every session of Althing you will use the traditional Icelandic system of secret elimination to determine who gains the control of a new county. Whoever controls 3 counties will be elected High Chief of Iceland and win the game.

Every county counts as one vote. In every session each Chiefs votes for one other player. Whoever gets the most votes against them is eliminated. Every player that didn’t vote for that player, is also eliminated from the session (Don’t worry, the sessions are very short). Another round of voting is called until only two Chiefs remain.

These two Chiefs have to lie under a fur blanket, as you say, before deciding whether to be FRIENDLY or a HOSTILE towards the other Chief. 

If they are both Friendly: They decide to split the land to get one county each.
If one is Friendly and the other is Hostile: The Hostile Chief gains the county and the Friendly Chief loses one of their gained counties. (They can’t lose their starting county).
If they are both Hostile: Neither of them gains the county but both of them lose a county if they can.

This is signifies the end of a session. As long as no player has 3 counties a new session begins. If multiple players have 3 counties, they both win.

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